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ICC Cougars – Student Athletes earn Academic Honors

ICC Cougars Athletics honored student athletes earning special academic honors for the Fall 2013 Semester.

Fall 2013 Athletic Director's List Recipients

Athletic Director’s List
Jacob Hargis -Baseball
Kyle Matthews – Baseball
Callen Boddie – Men’s Basketball
Terrance King – Men’s Basketball
Jacob Schuette – Men’s Basketball
Nicholas Arnold – Men’s Soccer
Gerardo Covarrubias – Men’s Soccer
Samantha Gudat – Softball
Katie Tobias – Softball
Bethany Bremer – Volleyball
Reilly Dunne – Volleyball
Shelby Kupferschmidt – Volleyball
Michaela Kumer – Women’s Basketball
Tiffany Masters – Women’s Basketball
Jazmine Stubblefield – Women’s Basketball
Gabriel Williams – Women’s Basketball
Hannah Miller – Women’s Soccer

Fall 2013 Dean's List Recipients

Dean’s List
Jared Holloman – Baseball
Jacob Ketcham – Baseball
James Meyer – Baseball
David Weed – Men’s Basketball
Etim Etim-Inyang – Men’s Soccer
Matej Radonic – Men’s Soccer
Norman Ramos – Men’s Soccer
Brittany Miller – Softball
Erica Phillips – Softball
Caitlin Doran – Volleyball
Quincy Merritt – Volleyball
Jacqueline Twing – Volleyball
Jesla Bolen – Women’s Soccer
Shauna Giltinan – Women’s Soccer
Jesse Markas – Women’s Soccer

Fall 2013 President's List Recipients

President’s List
Michael Hainline – Baseball
Zach Jewell – Golf
Tyler Johnson – Golf
Abigail Akright – Softball
Gabrielle Akright – Softball
Paige Korten – Softball
Rachel Patterson – Softball
Carson Delgadillo – Volleyball
Emma Ross – Volleyball
Elizabeth Schindler – Volleyball
Lexi Marselle – Women’s Soccer

Full pictures of the Men’s Basketball victory over John Wood are available on our ICC Cougars Athletics Facebook Page