Basketball (Women) – All-Time Records

National Champions – 1992, 1993, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006

NJCAA All American Selections
2010 Sudan Saunders Third Team
2008 Latasha Hollingshed Second Team
2007 Denise Fairbanks First Team
2006 Rachel Merriman Second Team
2005 Alexis Crowder Third Team
2004 LaTrice McMichel
Daria Mieloszynska
First Team
Second Team
2003 Petra Manakova First Team
2002 Petra Manakova
Amy Fuller
First Team
Second Team
2001 Mandy Sides Third Team
2000 Natalie Chambers First Team
1999 Beth Zeone
Marlena Williams
First Team
First Team
1998 Marlena Williams
Kelli Ryan
Third Team
First Team
1997 Annette Brandy First Team
1996 Stephanie White First Team
1994 Mandy Bryan First Team
1993 Laura Trantina First Team
1992 Tammy Wilkerson First Team
1991 Tracy Atwater Second Team
1990 Michelle Carter
Tracy Atwater
Honorable mention
Honorable mention
1988 Jeni Garber Second Team
1985 Kristi Moore Second Team
1984 Lori Loeffelhotz Second Team
1983 Linda Martin First Team
1982 Stacy Cook First Team
1981 Lynn Rudin
Cindy Stein
Second Team
Second Team
1980 Rose Peeples Honorable mention
1979 Karen Erschen Second Team
1978 Karen Erschen Second Team
Kodak All American
2004 LaTrice McMichel First Team
1999 Marlena Williams First Team
1994 Mandy Bryan First Team
1985 Kristi Moore First Team
1983 Linda Martin First Team
Special Honors and Awards
The 2006 National Championship Team was also named to the NJCAA All-Academic Team.
Christelle N’Garsanet (2003) Drafted and signed by the New York Liberty of the WNBA (2006-Present)
The Lady Cougars (2002) recorded the most points scored in one game (113) as a National Tournament Record.
Karen Erschen (1979), Cindy Stein (1981), Linda Martin (1983), and Kristi Moore (1985) selected to play on ten-player East All Star Team in the NJCAA All Star Series.
Cindy Ellis played two years in the Women’s Professional Basketball League for the Milwaukee Doe’s; holds single game scoring record of 42 points against Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville; participated in trials for the 1976 Olympic Women’s Basketball Team.
Jill Pomeranke particpated in trials for the United States World University Games
Jill Pomeranke, Debbie Lund, and Jan Winkler played on the Illinois College All-Stars against the Russian Olympic Team in 1976.
Record Wins in a Row
2002-2003 The 2002-2003 Team with 28 wins in a row. Team members Shannon Williams, Olivia Rosas, Lucie Cenkova, Daria Mieloszynska, Petra Manakova, Tadericka Malone, Laura Scheier, Amy Fuller, Latrice McMichel, Sarah Pacheco, Meghan Slade-Smith, Ashley Shepard, Kali Birkey, Christelle N’Garsanet, and Almetta Pitts. The record was extended to 33 wins by the 2003-2004 team.
1979-1980 The 1979-1980 Team with 24 wins in a row. Team members Patty Bontz, Tammy Breitbarth, Cindy Clark, Ann Gallagher, Julie Genzen, Rose Peeples, Eileen Rochford, Lynn Rudin, Kelly Ryan, Cindy Stein, Lynn Stevens, Sue Wagoner, and Micki Wilkerson.
1987-1988 1987-1988 Illinois Central College Team with 24 wins in a row. Team members Karla Best, Laura Bussman, Julie Cascaden, Kim Cryer, Rhonda Duede, Kim Fiedler, Jeni Garber, Sheila Jenkins, Mic Koenig, Yvette Mason, Kari Milam, Rae Ellen Real, Ann Trumpy, Angie Warfield, and Leah White.

Most Pointsvs. MacMurray (01/30/82)144

Team Records
One Season
Most Points 1981-1982 3442
Hi Season Average 1981-1982 90.6
Best Field Goal Percentage 1998-1999 49.9
Most Rebounds 1999-2000 1741
Most Assists 1998-1999 749
Longest Winning Streaks 2002-2003 1997-1998 1987-1988 1979-1980 28 games 23 games 24 games 24 games
One Game
Most Points Away vs. Spoon River (10/06/04) 122
Most Points-One Half vs. MacMurray (01/30/82) 78
Individual Records
One Season
Most Points Mandy Bryan (1992-1994) 742
Highest Average Cindy Ellis (1974-1975) 22.6
Most Points-Freshman Rose Peeples (1979-1980) 604
Most Points-Sophomore Mandy Bryan 742
Best Field Goal % Vanessa Watson 99-151; 65.6%
Best Free Throw % Tracy Atwater (1989-1990) 46-50; 92%
Most Rebounds LaTasha Hollingshed (2007-2008) 330
Highest Rebound Average LaTasha Hollingshed (2007-2008) 10.3
Most Assists Cindy Stein (1980-1981) 294
Most Blocked Shots Laci Peterson (2001-2002) 98
Most Points Mandy Bryan (1992-1994) 1344
Career High Average Mandy Bryan (1992-1994) 19.2
Best Field Goal % Stacy Cook (1980-1982) 409-710; 57.6%
Best Free Throw % Mandy Bryan (1992-1994) 252-304; 82.9%
Most Field Goals Rose Peeples (1979-1981) 597
Most Free Throws Mandy Bryan (1992-1994) 252
Most Rebounds Stacy Cook (1980-1982) 567
Highest Rebound Average Stacy Cook (1980-982) 8.7
Most Assists Rachel Merriman (2004-2006) 523
One Game
Most Points Cindy Ellis (1974-1975) 42
Most Rebounds Pauline Harris (1997-1998) 22