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Softball – All Time Records

National Tournaments
2009 Top Twelve in the Nation
2000 Seventh in the Nation 1999 Ninth in the Nation
1998 National Champions 1995 Fifth in the Nation
1994 Fourth in the Nation 1993 Third in the Nation
1992 Fifth in the Nation 1991 Fourth in the Nation
1990 Third in the Nation 1989 Second in the Nation
1987 Second in the Nation 1986 Ninth in the Nation
1985 Ninth in the Nation 1982 National Champions
1980 Third in the Nation 1979 Third in the Nation
1977 Third in the Nation 1976 Fifth in the Nation
NATYCAA Scholar-Athletes
2003 Sarah Corey
NJCAA Softball Player-of-the-Week
2005 Ashton Swearingen
NJCAA All-Stars (Canada Cup participants)
Iternational Women’s Fastpitch Tournament – teams from the United States, Canada, Australia
2003 Amy Gordon
1999 Nicole Kurth
1996 Nancy Prosecky
1996 Molly Rawls
1995 Kim Hartzler
1995 Brigit Cornish
1994 Kris Fiebig
All-American Selections
2009 Meaghan Bauer 2005 Ashton Swearingen
2003 Shayna Bradford 2001 Angela Higgins
2000 Melissa Cassidy 1999 Nicole Kurth
1998 Ashley Blust
Cathy Peverly
Nicole Kurth
Kelly Grigsby
1997 Shayna Snarr
1996 Molly Rawls
Erica Connett
Nancy Prosecky
1995 Kim Hartzler
Brigit Cornish
1994 Becky Warner
Casi Cusac
Angie Zuspann
Kris Fiebig
Sadie Merchant
Brigit Cornish
1993 Dawn Hanley
1992 Brenda Schrader
Jill Higgs
Amy Martin
1991 Melissa Brodie
Karrie Irvin
Tania Meier
1990 Dee Cook
Chris Koehl
Rachel Muller
1989 Chris Ward
1988 Chris Ward 1987 Kris Riviere
1986 Brenda Gilles
Pam Ernst
Terry Fritz
1985 Alicia Curtis
1984 Susie Barrett 1983 Deanna Hacker
1982 Caryl Moehring
Deanna Hacker
1981 Sandy Piccoli
1980 Tonya Gilles
Bella Craig
1979 Linda Launer
Tonya Gilles